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We can supply either whole pigs or complete cut and wrapped pork.

Pig in the smoker

Cooking A Suckling Pit

Suckling pigs are usually 10-25 pounds. Allow at least one pound of pork per person. So a 25 lb pig would be the absolute minimum needed for 25 people. A 24-inch barbecue unit will hold a 15 lb pig; a 30-inch unit will hold up to 25 lb. A larger animal will require cooking gear with greater capacity.

Roasting pig on the table

Custom Pork Products

Colorado's Best source for Yorkshire Genetics and Custom Pork Products!

Whether it is providing a whole pig for your special event or custom grown and processed pork we can meet your needs. Safe Haven Farms can provide you with a pig custom grown and finished to your specifications and delivered fresh on the date you need. Let us know how you want it grown and what size your event requires,we will provide you with wholesome pork that will provide a great eating experience!

Contact us and we will explain all of the options available and pricing.

Hog Yield Chart

Typical Average Hog Carcass (Dressed) Weight is 155 lbs.

Primal Name
 Average Weight
Loin 16.5 lb
Cut into chops, average 36-40 chops
Shoulder Butt 8.8 lb
Steaks or Roast
Picnic skinless 7.7 lb
Steaks or Roast
Belly 10.6 lb
Sliced, fresh or cured for bacon
Spareribs 3.3 lb
Sweet and Sour Ribs
Leg 22 lb
Steaks or Roast
 Hock 2 lb
Whole or split
Riblets and neck 1.8 lb

Total yield 88-92 lb

Yield: 68-72 percent of total carcass.

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The figures below are for 1/2 hog.

Pork cutting chart with weights of each cut

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