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Set your heart at high temperature and then add the following ingredients in this order:

1. One bred/breeding female alpaca*
2. One maiden female alpaca*
3. One stud quality breeding alpaca male*
4. One stud quality yearling alpaca male*
5. 2 pet quality males with fine fiber
6. 1 tbsp. patience (or more as needed)
7. Abundance of love
8. Hay, grain & pinch of minerals
Just add water.

The highest quality of your ingredients will result in the success of your recipe. Blend the first three ingredients well and in time gradually add the fourth ingredient. Mix 1 & 3, 2 & 3, 1 & 4 and 2 & 4, time, patience, and love. You may then consider using one of your fifth ingredients as a companion to your recipe results, and enjoy the profit to be gained while still retaining as well as increasing your original ingredients. Ingredients 6 & 7 will vary in each individual batch as to how much is necessary and available. Ingredient 8 is added in well-balanced amounts over the duration of your recipe. While this recipe is not a guarantee for perfection, it has come close time and time again for Rancho NC Alpacas.

* Ingredients 1 through 4 are all different brand name products and can be blended together.

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